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Scar Revision Los Angeles

What is Scar Revision?

A scar revision is a procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of scars and improves the look of the scar and surrounding areas. It can enhance the look of unsightly scars made to the skin or scalp which typically result from FUSS hair transplant procedures, accidents, previous surgeries, and injuries. As skin heals over a wound, it may become hypertrophic and unsightly in nature. For certain patients with a history of FUSS hair transplants, or accidental injuries, this could be on a highly visible place such as the scalp.
Scar revision Los Angeles

How is scar revision done?

It is a corrective procedure while the patient is fully awake. Each scar brings a different type of corrective treatment to the table. For patients who have had the FUSS procedure, and are interested in concealing the look of the scar, they must first wait at least 6 to 12 months.

The 2 most common methods are:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction aka FUE hair transplantation over the scar. FUE is the latest technology in the field of hair restoration, where hair follicles are removed individually without leaving an unsightly linear scar and transplanted into the scar.
  2. Scalp Micropigmentation aka SMP is a non-surgical alternative where hair simulation is created over the unsightly scar using special pigments, and recreating the look of hair strokes.

Many patients can benefit from either options or a combination of FUE and SMP incorporated into their procedure.

Who benefits from scar revision?

Anyone who has had a follicular unit strip surgery aka FUSS hair transplant procedure and is bothered by the unsightly linear scar, or is limited on how short they are able to style or cut their hair due to the visibility of the hypertrophic scar, is a great candidate to consider a scar revision. Other patients such as burn or accident victims can also benefit from the use of FUE scar revision, SMP concealment, or a combination of both.

Scar revision is also beneficial because the patient will feel better and more comfortable in their own skin without the reminder of the tumultuous accident or surgery.

If you are looking for a scar revision in Los Angeles, you can be sure that we have you covered. LA Hair Institute, formerly nown as LA Hair Clinic,  has multiple experts who have worked in the field of hair restoration in Los Angeles for over 15 years. We are committed to helping you look and feel like your best self.  

If you trust everything you read online, you will be confused! But if your ultimate goal is to find a surgeon who can get you actual results, come for a free consultation. We care, and we do everything the way we do anything, with precision and with the utmost care.  

Every patient is physiologically different and unique, and there are many factors in play to find the best solution for each case. That’s why before we can offer our help, we look into your baldness problem to find the BEST solution for YOU, which might be different from another person.

Different procedures are designed for different problems, so before we choose a procedure, we discuss your case with you in details to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedures that can satisfy your expectations. During the consultation session, the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure will be explained to you to ensure you are aware of your options and can make an informed decision.